Monday, April 18, 2011


Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Been going through agony over the past few days because I have been out of cigarettes but something recently happened!

Although I wasn't able to get a full pack of cigarettes I was able to "bum" one off of somebody so that at least gave me one cigarette for the day!

My google adsense won't be coming for at least a week and a half but at least then I will be able to buy me some cigarettes and have some for a while.

I'm still hoping and praying for some cigarettes and hopefully I will be able to get some soon!

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Its is not that easy to quit smoking and if you have spent years with cigarette then it is next to impossible to quit this. But if you are courageous enough then it may be possible.

I think that there is a mistake about this blog. It's not a blog about quitting smoking its just the opposite in fact!

I have no intention of giving up smoking - I enjoy it too much!

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